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10% Off Select Products from Ariana & Evans.
10% Off Select Products from Ariana & Evans.

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush 28mm, CMON 77-6

  • Classic shaving brush in vintage design
  • Tall two-toned handle loaded with badger hair
  • Choose from 3 colors and 2 knot shapes

Heritage Collection Brushes are recreations of beloved shaving brushes from decades past. This CMON 77 shaving brush was first created in honor of legendary razor designer, Carl Monkhouse (hence the CMON label).

Badger hair is considered the holy grail for many wet shavers as it has exceptional water retention and excellent backbone. The water retention helps to properly hydrate your lather and the backbone gives the shaving brush structure to whip up lather on shaving creams or soaps. You get your pick of two knot shapes: bulb or fan

It is a tall handle perfect for mug lathering, but also good for face/palm latherers. It comes in a two-toned handle in three choices: black-over-butterscotch, cream-over-green, cream-over-red. Even the lettering has a retro feel. Truly a throw-back brush that will enhance your shaving den.


Height: 93.5 mm

Widest point at base of handle: 31.5 mm

Widest point of ferule: 38mm

Knot hole depth: 17mm

Knot hole width: 28.5mm

Weight: 75 grams