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10% Off Select Products from Ariana & Evans.
10% Off Select Products from Ariana & Evans.

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush 28mm, Dubl Duck 5

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  • Traditional shaving brush
  • Retro handle with 28mm Super High Density (SHD) badger knot
  • Choose from 2 different color combinations and 2 knot shapes

If you love the retro nature of classic shaving, then you will love Heritage Collection Shaving. They are crafting reproductions of some of the past decades' most popular brushes. But they are doing it with today’s materials and methods. So, you can enjoy a brush that looks like a classic but handles like it's brand new.

This popular handle is loaded with a badger hair knot. You can’t go wrong with badger hair as it is well-known to whip up a great lather on shaving soap or cream. And this large, super dense knot is 28mm so you will be able to whip up A LOT of lather. Choose from a bulb shape or a fan shape for your brush.

This Dubl Duck 5 handle is a tall, slender handle with a slim silhouette. It fits great in the hand of mug lathers or even those who prefer to face/palm lather. The handle boasts a two-toned color scheme. Choose from blue-over-cream or cream-over-blue

Height: 87MM

Widest point at bottom of handle: 32.5MM

Widest point at top of handle: 37MM

Knot hole depth: 17MM

Knot hole width: 28.75

Weight of handle: 74 grams