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12 Days of Christmas | Day 9: 35% Off Basic Shaving Brushes
12 Days of Christmas | Day 9: 35% Off Basic Shaving Brushes

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush 28mm, Dubl Duck 5 Solid

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  • Traditional shaving brush
  • Retro handle with 28mm badger knot
  • Choose from 6 different options

Vintage shaving with a retro brush?? Well, yes, please. That’s why we love Heritage Collection Shaving. They are creating reproductions of some of the most popular brushes of the last century. And with modern materials and methods, you are sure to get an amazing brush to whip up a frothy lather.

This shaving brush boasts a huge 28mm knot of badger hair. Badger hair is often regarded as the holy grail of shaving brushes because of its amazing properties that lend themselves to exceptional lathering: nice water retention, good backbone, excellent face feel.

Dubl Duck is a huge name in wet shaving circles of by-gone days. This handle shape is a tall, slender lather monster. It is excellent for mug lathers but works great for face or palm lathering too. The solid color options for this handle are black (red lettering), cream (purple lettering), cream (red lettering) all with a bulb-shaped head. Or black (green lettering), black (red lettering), and cream (purple lettering) with a fan-shaped head.

Height: 87MM

Widest point at bottom of handle: 32.5MM

Widest point at top of handle: 37MM

Knot hole depth: 17MM

Knot hole width: 28.75

Weight of handle: 74 grams