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BOGO 20% Off On Taylor Of Old Bond Street. Use Code TOBS20

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush, Boar

  • Classic brush for a classic shave
  • Loaded with boar bristle knot
  • Available in 3 different handle colors

If you love the vintage vibe of classic wet shaving, then you have to check out Heritage Collection Shaving. They are using designs from yesteryear's popular brushes, but crafting them with today’s modern shaver in mind. Bigger knots, fresh material.

This brush is loaded with Heritage’s boar bristle knot. For those that like a little ‘scritch’ in their shave, this is a fabulous option. Boar has a good backbone and a bit of scritch to make for good exfoliation. Try out this dense knot today.

The knot is loaded into the iconic CMON 77 handle. Popular in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, this handle is tall and big. And for today’s modern shaver, Heritage made it even bigger. This handle has presence. It was made by Peter J Michels as a tribute to brush designer Carol Monkhouse (hence C-MON). Pick from three different two-toned color schemes.

  • Blue-over-cream
  • Black-over-amber
  • Cream-over-green

Height: 93.5 mm

Widest point at base of handle: 31.5 mm

Widest point of ferule: 38mm

Knot hole depth: 17mm

Knot hole width: 28.5mm

Weight: 75 grams