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BOGO 20% Off On Taylor Of Old Bond Street. Use Code TOBS20
BOGO 20% Off On Taylor Of Old Bond Street. Use Code TOBS20

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush, G5 Synth

  • Retro style shaving brush
  • Loaded with an amazing fifth generation synthetic
  • Get in cream-over-red in a Opal 250 style handle

Want a brush that looks like it's from your grandfather’s generation but acts like a modern marvel? Heritage Collection Shaving is crafting brushes from designs popular in the past but made with the materials and preferences of today’s modern wet shaver.

This 5th generation synthetic proves that these types of fibers just keep getting better and better. You will love the face-feel, backbone, and water retention of this fabulous knot.

This knot is loaded into an Opal 250 handle. This shape was popular at the same time as the glory days of Ever Ready and others, although it wasn’t quite as well known. They streamlined the extremely popular squat double-halo design of other manufacturers and removed the rings to make it their own. This brush is sure to whip up a fabulous lather even as it looks great on your bathroom vanity in two-toned cream over red.