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30% Off Of Our Summer Clean Up Sale!
30% Off Of Our Summer Clean Up Sale!

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush, Tux Bulb

  • Throwback shaving brush design
  • Loaded with synthetic knot
  • Available in 5 different handle styles

You can trust Heritage to have the retro-looking brush you desire. They are in the business of finding popular brush designs from decades past and re-inventing them for the modern man.

This brush is loaded with a modern synthetic that whips up a fabulous lather. The tuxedo knot is plush and easy to maintain. The knot is bulb-shaped which is great for multipurpose latherers. And it is big enough to whip up lots of lather.

Choose which handle you want to hold your fabulous tuxedo knot.

  • Erskine 150 Black-over-gray
  • Erskine 150 Black-over-green
  • Erskine 150 Black-over-cream
  • Erskine 150 Black-over-butterscotch
  • Opal 250 Black-over-green