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Save 25% Off WCS Shaving Brushes!
Save 25% Off WCS Shaving Brushes!

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush Klenzo B1004 WCS Abyss Synthetic, Cream & Purple

Sold out
  • Recreated vintage style brush
  • Cream & Purple handle
  • Loaded with a knot in WCS's synthetic hair. 

Description from the Vendor

26 MM Klenzo - Cream & Purple handle. Every detail was noticed when re-creating this one of a kind Klenzo Replica made from the B1004 model. This brush fits well in the handle and is sure to be a winner for most face latherers  who enjoy using a piece of history to start their shave.

We've collaborated with Heritage Collection Shaving to load this brush with West Coast Shaving's Abyss synthetic hair. Synthetic hair has come a l-o-n-g way, baby. This loft has all the benefits of synthetics - quick drying, low maintenance, longevity, but it also boasts many of the benefits of natural hair as well - great face feel & good backbone. This 26mm lather monster is a fabulous example of the excellent synthetic options on the market today.

About Heritage Collection Shaving

Heritage Collection Shaving is an up-and-coming shaving brush reproduction company. They are seeking to create reproductions of beloved vintage styles with modern materials and excellent value. Their attention to detail  -- from design to final product -- make for an exceptional user experience. 

Size: 26mm