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    • Traditional, hanging strop from Herold gives your blade the edge you want
    • Durable metal swivel and handle will last for years
    • Quality materials from a quality company, in business since 1919


    Hanging or paddle? Russian leather or cowhide? Single side or double? 3 inch width or smaller? Prep side of linen or canvas or . . . ? If you are drowning in the complexities of picking a strop for your straight edge, then you know that these issues are often personal. So we aren't going to try and sway you, we'll just give you the facts on this one.

    Herold (aka Kohl & Laibach) has been making grooming utensils for nearly a century. Based in the Solingen region in Germany, they are surrounded with good grooming company, like Merkur and Dovo. This Herold 155Ri Cowhide Strop is a great value with great quality. (We can't help trying to sway you a little.)

    • Cowhide - it is made with a nice size piece of cowhide leather
    • Single side - your stropping leather is only on one side, without a rear "prep" surface. So, you can choose another material for prep
    • Hook- topped with a metal, swiveling hook at the top
    • Handle - a D-ring, metal handle graces the bottom
    • Endcaps - the endcaps are sewn in to the stropping leather
    • Stamped with Herold trademark so you know the quality you are getting

    Keep your edge working for you with a leather strop from Herold.

    Size: 480mm x 60mm (approx. 18in x 2in)

    Made in Germany

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