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    The Herold 181J Russian Leather Strop is a single sided 3.1"x18.9" strop with metal handle and swivel sewn into the strop. This strop is made from their "Juchtenleder" leather, or traditional Russian Leather. Russian Leather is well known to provide a fantastic feel when stropping, with very good longevity. Another famous brand uses the same leather, and it is very hard to keep in stock. This product is highly recommended and is finished nicely with a slight edge bevel.

    The Herold Yellow Strop Paste is a perfect match for this leather, as it does require routine application to keep it in tip-top shape.

    These are excellent value strops, which cost significantly more when others put their brand name on it.

    Size: 3.1" x 18.9" (480mm x 80mm)

    Made in Germany

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