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Herold 193WJ Oil-Tanned Russian Leather Strop

  • A hanging style strop from Herold
  • Oil-tanned Russian leather for durability
  • Cushioned handle and swiveling head for convenience

Getting the urge to shop strops? Check out Herold (aka Kohl & Laibach). They've been crafting these grooming tools since 1919 - a long time to be pleasing the masses. They carry strops that give you choices in flexiblity, quality, and durability. Herold 193WJ Oil-Tanned Russian Leather is a great hanging strop with a long life.

One side of this cut is Russian leather - more durable, supple, and luxurious than the standard-issue cowhide. To increase the durability, the leather is then oil-tanned producing a darker, red hued finish. The flip side of this device is the "prep" side, made of genuine linen (the real thing, composed of flax, and...
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