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    • A quality leather strop from Herold, making strops since 1919
    • Paddle-style strop with a wooden handle for a firm grip
    • Long-lasting for years of sharp blades

    If you are looking for a quality leather strop at a reasonable price, then you must check out Herold. This company has been crafting these grooming essentials since 1919. From the hotbed of German razors - Solingen - comes another shaving requisite - leather strops.

    If you are new to the art of the straight razor then you might not be aware of the importance of having all the right equipment, including a strop. Strops are flexible pieces of leather (or maybe canvas or linen) used to straighten and polish the blade before you shave. Strops don't sharpen or hone your blade - you aren't actually removing material when you strop. Rather you are shaping the edge to extend its working life. Sometimes abrasive pastes can be used to further polish the blade.

    This paddle strop from Herold is a traditional, wood handled device. The natural, leather is stretched taunt on both sides of the utensil. Many beginners to stropping will start with a paddle because they don't have to worry about holding tension on a hanging strop as well as turning their razor accurately. This is a great place to start. You can't beat the price on this quality grooming tool! Herold 81Ri Cowhide Paddle Strop.

    Size: 200 X 40mm (approx. 8 x 1.5in)

    Made in Germany

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