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    • Paddle-style strop has a wooden handle, robust, durable, easy to use
    • Tension is adjustable so you get the strop that is right for you
    • Double-sided Russian leather lets you experiment with sharpening pastes, sprays, & powers

    Sharpening, honing, and stropping - oh my! If you find yourself a bit lost in Oz with the learning curve involved in a straight razor shave, then let us help you break it down. If you have a beautiful straight razor blade - professionally sharpened and honed-, then you want to keep it that way. This is where a strop comes in. And a quality strop at a reasonable price is where Herold comes in. Herold strops are manufactured in Solingen, Germany (home of razor giants Dovo and Mekur). Try out Herold Russian Leather Adjustable Paddle Strop.

    So, why strop? A razor blade is such a thin edge that it quickly and easily becomes nicked, dented, or misaligned. Since you don't want to sharpen it after every use (thereby losing material and quickly grinding your blade to dust), you can use a strop to straighten and polish the blade and bring the edge back into working order, without losing any metal.

    There are two basic types of strops - hanging or paddle. This paddle strop is adjustable to give you the best of both worlds. As a beginner a paddle strop is great because it holds the tension so you don't have to (as you would need to with a hanging one). However, as you improve, you might find that unremitting tension doesn't work with your technique or certain blades, so having the ability to change the tension becomes important. Enter Herold's adjustable tension paddle.

    This strop has natural, Russian leather on both sides. Russian leather (known in Germany as Juchten) is tanned cowhide that is further treated with birch oil to bring you an exceptionally hard-wearing, flexible, and water resistant material.

    Size: 190 x 40mm (approx. 7.5 x 1.5in)

    Made in Germany

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