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    • 3-piece DE safety razor
    • Made with CNC machined, stainless steel
    • Handle design inspired by the world's tallest redwood, Hyperion.


    It doesn't get better than this! West Coast Shaving has teamed up with Brian Twilley from Charcoal Goods to design a line of stainless steel, CNC, made-in-the-USA safety razors. Here's the story: Brian is an awesome guy. When we discovered his razors, we reached out to him to see how we could collaborate to create something with his artisan design at a more affordable price point. Brian was all in. So with his masters in Fine Arts, he designed some handles with some west coast inspiration, and we found the manufacturers to make large quantities at a better price point. Welcome the Artisan CNC line of WCS safety razors.

    Each razor is made through the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) process. This means that every piece of the razor is made precisely to our specifications. The razors are cut down from single pieces of stainless steel instead of being cast from a liquid metal, which means the metal itself is flawless and stronger. The heads are made to the same geometry as Charcoal Goods heads and are known to be a mild but efficient shaver. There was no detail spared in making this razor. It is truly a work of art.

    From start to finish this razor is made right in the American heartland. Even the box that it comes in is crafted in Wisconsin. The walnut and aspen box doesn't only display that razor attractively, it can even double as a travel case.

    We pulled inspiration from different iconic West Coast landmarks for the design of our handles. The inspiration for this specific razor handle design came from the Redwood Forests, in which Hyperion is the tallest tree.

    Towering in the coastal forest of northern California and into Oregon are the world's largest and tallest trees. These Sequoias reach heights of more than 350ft and live for thousands of years, the tallest of which is Hyperion. So, they are perfectly represented in this tall, long-lasting handle. The extra length makes it great for long strokes and/or large hands.


    Handle Length: 4 inches

    Weight : 101.4 g

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