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    Ryan S.
    • Value for Money

    Better than my adjustable Merkur

    Best razor I have ever used. I thought I was crazy to buy such an expensive razor, but shaves great. Worth the cost. Asked my wife about it and she said go ahead and get it. I think she gave the approval because she wants a new handbag and a good excuse for her to buy something too. Not an aggressive shave which is what I like.

    Craig S.
    • Value for Money

    Better than a Feather razor

    I have the Feather razor, but I found it to be too mild for my taste. This Hyperion razor is a bit similar, but a couple of notches more aggressive, which is much better. It is very well made. I is a touch heavier than I'd like, but is well balanced. The CNC grooves create a nice grip. Currently this is my favorite razor. A bit pricy, but I like it.

    Gaylord H.
    • Value for Money

    Excellent Razor

    I love the smooth action of his razor. It gives a close shave without nicks and cuts. Furthermore, its low profile allows access in tight spots like under and around the nose.

    Mike Q.
    • Value for Money

    Terrific Razor

    I hesitated to buy this item because of its price. Perhaps it was the CNC manufacture or the basic design involving a very secure retention of the blade using horizontal rails instead of posts. In any event, the razor exactly fits my shaving needs. It is less aggressive than my Parker91R and more so than the new line of WCS inexpensive 3 piece razors. The finish is matte which is more pleasing to my eye than shiny chrome. I have used it about twenty times with three different blades (Feather, Personna Blue, and Astra) and have yet to experience a weeper, much less a skin abrasion, not uncommon with the Parker. The weight is right, the balance is right, and the thin head is a great improvement over any other razor I have used. Summary: excellent design and execution produce an excellent shave of my medium but fast growing beard. My skin rejoices.

    Kevin E.
    • Value for Money

    Excellent razor for a new or veteran wet shaver!

    This is the third razor of Brian's that I have purchased and they're all great. But they're also all different. With the longer handle, this one might be a good starter razor for those willling to pay the price as it's very easy to handle. The pattern on the handle also offers excellent grip. The shorter handle on Charcoal branded is razors is shorter and takes a bit more practice. This one was very easy to adjust to. As other reviewers mention, it's heavy since it is cast stainless steel, but I really like that since the weight then does a lot of the work for you as opposed to relying on pressure. The head is very similiar to the Muhle R89 that this is replacing for me, but does show a bit more blade. It doesn't show as much blade as a Chargoal Goods machined head, though, so it's definitely a milder shave. If you're real fussy, note that the finish on this razor is quit a bit nicer than the images may lead you to believe. Not sure why, but the brushed stainless steel in the images looks a bit muddy - but don't worry as this is very, very nicely finished. Highly recommend!