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    The rhubarb plant originated in Tibet and China. Of course you know rhubarb for its fruit and perhaps also for its yellowish-white flowers, but the purifying, medicinal qualities actually come from the root, which is credited with imparting vigor to a tired body by means of its fortifying, toning properties.

    I Coloniali Invigorating Tibetan Shower Cream With Rhubarb revolutionizes the shower routine by transforming it into a spa experience that increases the feeling of well-being for both the body and soul. It's easy to use - just put it between your palms and lather up. You'll appreciate the lively fragrance, and you'll soon be refreshed and ready to begin your day ' in fact, it's so invigorating you might find you don't even need your morning coffee!

    You might also want to consider giving this product as a gift, perhaps as an alternative to the ubiquitous soap-on-a-rope. If you know someone who likes body wash, it would be perfect for them as well.

    Size: 250ml

    Made in Italy.

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