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    Imperial Barber Products After-Shave Balm and Face Moisturizer can make sure you don't end up with the scratched, nicked, and inflamed visage that can make a shave not even worth it. In fact, if you have sensitive skin, this might be the best solution for you for taking care of it after you're done with your razor. It has a great, smoothing quality that helps you heal after you're done, and that makes you feel confident about your appearance. No more patches of paper to cover those nicks!

    This is a popular men's grooming product manufacturer, and that's for good reason. Their products are all made to the highest standards, and they really perform well. This product very much keeps with that tradition and will give you great results. If you want to look at their other products, pre-shave options are excellent if you have difficulties getting your follicles closely trimmed without damaging your appearance. Aside from your appearance, the other advantage in taking the time to do this is that you get a great ritual to start the day with. You'll look forward to cleaning up and getting ready, because it ends with a healthy, happy look.

    Size: 3 oz (85g)

    Made in the USA.

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