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    If you like a classic scent, here's something you should take a look at. This Imperial Barber Products Bergamot After-shave is designed to be healing, soothing, and to give you an invigorating feel after you're done tackling your beard. It's ideal for people who tend to get inflamed and nicked up a lot when they're using razor. It has antiseptic properties and it gets your pores closed back up, which keeps them from collecting dirt and oil.

    This product has a cooling feel to it that really is noticeable. The bergamot scent is calming and makes you feel ready to face the day. You'll certainly smell great, but the aroma isn't particularly strong, such as is the case with cologne. This makes it ideal for men who just want to smell freshened up. This is moisturizing, so people who have dryness problems will likely appreciate it a great deal. The other thing you need to preserve your skin is real razor. Not only do they perform better than disposables, the blades are so cheap that you won't hesitate when one gets a bit dull, and that can make a serious difference when you're trying to keep a healthy look and not get nicked up.

    Size: 8 oz

    Made in the USA.

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