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    Imperial Barber Products Glycerin Shave Soap is designed to keep your face safe from abrasions and rashes. It goes a long way toward that end; and if you use it regularly, you'll get to love waking up and using a razor again or doing so just before you go to bed if that's your style. Either way, you don't want your look to be haggard, nicked, and rough, and this product can help you avoid having that happen. The glycerin in it provides a layer of protection for your face and even with a very sharp blade which helps a lot.

    If you want to treat sensitivity issues and keep a clean-shaven look, it is possible. Oftentimes, people's skin issues come down to using cheap drugstore products instead of using real grooming supplies. A brush, a good razor, and a willingness to take the time and do it right will make cutting back your beard an enjoyable experience instead of one that you dread. You're also doing a very good thing for the planet. Quality men's grooming products are made to last and have minimal disposable parts, so you're not filling up landfills with items of such low quality that they should have been trucked directly there in the first place!

    Size: 6.2 oz (176g) in a 3 inch puck

    Made in the USA.

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