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    • Shaving soap from Institut Karite in Paris
    • Loaded with skin-nourishing shea cream
    • Subtly scented

    Paris-based Institut Karite is passionate about skin-care. In fact, they've built their whole brand around skin-soothing, -nourishing, and -healing shea. All their fabulous products contain this "nature's best" ingredient. From rough elbows to fresh-shaved chins, your body loves shea. Try out Institut Karite Extra Gentle Shaving Soap.

    This traditional shave soap will whip up a creamy lather with a shaving brush. Load the nourishing ingredients of shea butter, glycerin, palm oil, and more for a hydrating foam. It is specially formulated for sensitive skin and will give you a comfortable shave.

    It is delicately scented with a milk cream aroma. This subtle aroma will not overwhelm, in fact, you can still use your favorite cologne or scent. Gentle, subtle, this grooming requisite is luxurious simplicity. Enjoy a puck today!


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