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    • Shaving Cream by Institut Karite in Paris
    • Enhanced with shea cream for a skin-nourishing benefit
    • Subtly scented


    Men can get a closer shave than ever before by choosing to go the traditional route. If you choose this method though, consider using Institut Karite Moisturizing Shaving Cream. It's a top-of-the-line product that many traditional adherents use to get that perfect look every morning and enjoy better health for their faces.

    A Product like None Other
    You can toss it in a bowl and work it with a brush or just apply it right to your face, so long as you moisten it first. Give it a good massage; and whether wet or dry, you're going to get all the lather you need to protect yourself from that razor. Cut away at your whiskers confidently without feeling any worse for wear.

    All skin needs a little help after a blade gets done with it though, so Institut Karite made the formula with 25% Shea Butter cream. While it provides a creamy texture every guy can appreciate, the Shea Butter also helps to heal any cuts or nicks that may happen in the process. It also helps to keep the skin cool when the entire process is done.

    So say goodbye to unnecessary cuts and burns and those stray hairs you keep missing. This traditional shaving product is here to give you a better morning, every morning.

    Size: 75ml

    Made in France

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