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    Jerry K.
    • Value for Money

    Best shaving cream ever.

    Ever since I started using this stuff I never looked back. This is the only shaving crean I use. Its smooth, lasts forever, great price, does a great job and smells good.

    S. M.
    • Value for Money

    Really Surprising good

    This is just plain old shaving cream from Canada, but I had heard lots of crazy claims about it. Its been out of stock everywhere for a while so I wait-listed it at West Coast Shaving. It is pretty inexpensive for what you get. (A big Tub) and it doesn't have a knock your sock off with awonderful smell, but it's clean and fresh. (besides soap/cream scent is gone after 5 minutes anyway, right). What it does do, is whip up well in hard or soft water, shave with a smooth, lasting lather and leave a nice face feel. A tub will last youa long time. I usually soften the water in my sink with a pinch of citric acid and use a warmed scuttle when I shave with creams. When I did that I got enough for 4 passes from one loading of my brush. Without the citric acid I had to stretch my lather a bit but I could still manage three passes from a single loading. My usual tools for a new soap/croap/cream are a pre-wash with Musgo Lime Glycerine Soap and my AS-D2 Feather with a KAI blade. When I shave I make 4 passes; WTG, 2 XTG (one in each direction ), and ATG. I finish with a Cold water rinse, Alum and a final cold water rinse. Then a splash or balm of the day. I cannot remember what I used with this cream but I had no nicks or burns with the alum so it would be a a non-sequitur in any case.

    Greg H.
    • Value for Money

    Very Good Cream

    I've used many top shelf soaps and creams over the years, but I must admit, J.M. Frasers is at the top for performance, post shave feel, and value. This cream lathers like no tomorrow, provides a slick protective cushion, and allows the blade to shave super close without irritation. The scent is a mild lemon/citrus type aroma that does not linger....it's not my favorite, but it's definitely not off putting either. I use this product the most out of all my other creams.....it just works. My jar arrived with no leakage FWIW. Thanks WCS for offering this awesome product.

    Thomas F.

    Puts other soaps to shame

    Like some of the other reviewers, I've sampled quite a few shaving soaps over the years--and this stuff is the best! Just the 'quantity' alone makes it a better buy than other tubs of soap. It works into a good lather quickly (at least for me it does...); and it is easy to use way more than you actually need--that is why whipping it up in a mug or cup is essential. You can tell if you're using too much, by how long it takes to rinse your brush clean. If it takes a lot of water to get all of the soap out--you used too much. No shave soap can compensate for a bad blade, so use this with your favorite (best?) blade to really appreciate how much of a difference a GREAT soap makes!

    Dave H.

    Simply the best

    I have tried many, many creams, soaps, brusless shave creams, etc. Some are better than others of course and this is largely a subjective thing. J.M. Frazier is truly a unique product. I have never found anything to compare to this shave cream. Most creams and soaps start to dry almost immediately. This cream is the creamiest, thick, moisturizing shave cream anywhere. It lathers quickly and is thick. It has a gentle lemon scent-very gentle. It never dries your skin and it provides the best protection and glide for your razor. In my opion this is the best shave cream anywhere. I have other products I use for variety but I know they all can't compare to J.M. Frazier.