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    J.M. Fraser's Shaving Creams have been formulated and hand crafted in small batches since 1956. J.M. Fraser's products soften the toughest of beards and yield a rich creamy lather that allows your razor to glide along your face without nicks or razor burn and with no irritation to the skin. J.M. Fraser's Shaving Creams can be used with a shaving brush or massaged onto the face with your hands. Either way, your shave will be a quality enjoyable experience - the way it was meant to be! Your skin will be left feeling smooth and refreshed.

    Long known to be a fantastic cream within the Shave Affectionados, we're thrilled to finally have it at West Coast Shaving. This is one big tub of cream.

    Please note, when using a shaving brush it takes a little more work and "elbow grease" to make a good lather with this cream. If using this cream brush-less, you won't get a lather, but rather the cream will work as a slick barrier between the razor and your skin.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: We've recently been having some trouble with tubs leaking during transit to us. We've worked with the manufacturer to ensure all lids are tight, but we're still seeing a good 25% with small leaks. The leaks are very small, and are negligible in terms of missing product, but it does make the labels look poor. We don't think we're ever going to find a solution, but we don't want to stop selling it. So this is a heads up your tub might look ugly on the outside, but the inside is as wonderful as always.

    Size: 450 ml

    Made in Canada.

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