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    • Refreshing cooling effect that closes pores after a shave
    • Contains aloe for healing and hydrating the skin
    • Contains no alcohol

    Shaving is a fact of life for most men. But getting the most out of it? That's not always the case. Sometimes men would only do two things - shave and rinse. They tend to neglect the post routine. This one mistake can lead to dryness, and sometimes, irritation to the skin.

    Aftershaves are formulated only to close up the pores and are commonly alcohol-based, which can dry out the skin as it has no moisturizing properties. That's where the balms or gels come in. What's good with Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel is that it does both jobs of an aftershave - without the alcohol. These are what makes it worth investing in:

    • Cooling effect - relieves the skin's soreness and closes up the pores to prevent dirt and bacteria from invading the open pores.
    • Aloe extracts - heals the skin inside and hydrates the roots to make sure the hair won't dry out.
    • Sage helps balance the circulation of blood on the follicles for healthy hair growth
    • Lavender oil has antiseptic properties that can help in healing the skin that undergoes stress during shaving.
    If you're a busy person, always on the go and wants to accomplish shaving in a swift but neat manner, then the Jack Black Cooling Gel is for you. Just rub a small amount on your our face and you're good to go.

    Size: 3.3oz

    Made in the USA

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