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    • Strong hold for all-day control
    • Medium weight water-based formula for normal to fine hair
    • Clean, fresh aroma leaves you smelling great

    JS Sloane wants to bring back the golden age of gentlemen's grooming. "In this post-grunge, neo-hipster age, there's a breed of men that pays fastidious attention to detail, and in doing so, elevates the mundane daily grooming ritual to the sublime." Join the movement of refined styling with JS Sloane Mediumweight Brilliantine.

    Perfect for shorter hair styles, this superb hold pomade will keep you looking neat and styled all day. If you have normal to fine hair, this will give you the control, shine, and restyle-ability that you need. All in a throwback formula with a retro-pink color and light weight touch.

    To apply: place a small amount in your hand and rub into dry hair, blow dry or comb, style has desired. This is designed to work best on dry hair for the manageablity and restyling. However, you can use it on damp or wet hair for an entirely different look when it dries. A few drops of water from your hands or comb can also create a slicker look.

    Make your grooming ritual a sublime experience with the tantalizing aroma and stunning results of JS Sloane Mediumweight Brilliantine.

    Size: 4 oz.

    Made in the USA

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