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    • New blade hardening technology makes the edge 70% sharper than conventional sharpening & titanium coating makes it more durable and long-lasting
    • Fits Cobra Classic, Kai Straight, and Huntlee Katana Safety razors
    • Dispenser comes with guard and 15 blades


    The Japanese are know for their exceptional blade honing skills and that is apparent in Kai's workmanship. Since the turn of the last century, Kai has been crafting high quality, durable, SHARP blades. From kitchen to barbershop, they are cutting-edge!

    The Captain Titan Mild refill blades are made with the latest PINK (Plasma Ion New process by Kai) technology. This procedure significantly increases the hardness of the metal which allows it to hold a sharper edge. The titanium coating gives it durability and skin-friendly sharpness. A dull blade just sends shivers down the spine, am I right?

    The special dispensing system allows the blades to be safely and quickly inserted into the razor holder. So, you can change those blades frequently and get the perfect shave every time.

    Size: 15 blades and dispenser

    Made in Japan

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