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KAI Stainless Steel DE Blades, 5-pack

37 reviews
  • Extra sharp for a close shave
  • Perfect for any skill level
  • Includes 5 blades in a pack

You want a high quality blade that gives you a close, clean shave every time? Look no further than the KAI Stainless Steel DE Blades. They are hard to come by, but now that you've found them, you're set. These affordable blades are extra sharp, which allows for closeness and consistency--just an all-around great shaving experience with no nicks. And they're perfect for any skill level. Made from top quality, medical grade stainless steel. Try them once and you'll be back for more. Size: 5 blades in a packMade in Japan.

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4.4 Based on 37 Reviews
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Shannon H.
United States United States
whisker getters

sharp blades, not as wicked as feathers. Not my daily blade. If you've been using Astras in your Merkur, this will give you a closer shave. Dulls fairly quick, so costs more per shave.

Mike P.
United States United States
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Smooth & Sharp!

This blade supplies an very efficient shave, while being smooth and comfortable.

Tam o.
France France
  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value
A different blade philosophy

I have been shaving traditionally for nearly twenty years now and every year or so there is a new fantasy product which everyone has to try. It seems we are enjoying The Golden Age of Shaving. I bought the Kai razor blades on a whim, because I have used their shavette blades. Everyone inevitably compares these blades to Feathers. This is understandable. They are both Made in Japan, both priced as a premium product and both have their fans and detractors. For me, Kai blades feel rather different from Feathers, which have been my blade-of-choice for a very long time. However, like many people, I find the first shave with a Feather to be almost too much of a good thing. Their sharpness is what draws people in, but it must be treated with respect. Fortunately, I have long stopped trying for a BBS each day. I rarely shave ATG; two passes WTG and I'm done. This is a good way to get a decent-looking shave without stressing your skin. It is also a good way to get the best out of a Feather. As for the Kais, they are initially not even nearly as sharp as Feathers, but they seem to get sharper than Feathers for the 2nd and 3rd shave. They are smooth. And they are incredibly durable. This is their Unique Selling Point. Their edge seems to be indestructible. A week of smooth, sharp shaving makes them surprisingly frugal. Are Kais the best blade out there? I don't know. There are about 100 different blades I have not tried yet! I have read all the reviews below and they clearly don't work for everyone. They do work for me.

A West Coast Shaving Customer
Ned L.
  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value
Amazing, so far.

Here I thought Feather blades were the ultimate. My first two shaves with Kai blades have been revelatory. I loaded one into my Edwin Jagger 3ONE6. It made that interesting crinkling sound as I ******* the handle onto the baseplate/razorhead combination. My first two strokes, the blade feel was very prominent, nearly disturbingly so. By the third and fourth strokes there was practically zero blade feel through the rest of the shave. No nicks, no cuts, no errors. Second shave, no sensation but that of a mild, close shave. I nearly didn't need a third pass for total smoothness -- in fact, the third pass was more like a routine clean-up pass. Again, after cleaning the razor and reinserting the blade, there was the crinkling sound as the blade perfectly conformed itself to the razor's engineering tolerances. If this keeps up through four shaves, this will be my new #1 in the 3ONE6, which by the way, beautifully accommodates the Feathers with which it comes packed. But Feathers only get me through three shaves before I notice a marked drop off in sharpness. Oh, and there's this; it's either cool or cooly arrogant -- Kai blades have no branding on the wrapper or blade. There's no logo, no engraving; just this beautiful piece of stainless steel honed to a fair thee well wrapped in heavy waxed paper and without glue tacks.

  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value
Love this blade!

As a woman this blade is amazing! Women need to get on board with wet shaving and once you have a good technique, using this blade will give you the smoothest legs you have ever seen! Simply amazing!