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  • Karve open comb razor base plate
  • Stainless Steel
  • Pick your Open Comb Razor Base Plate

Looking to build a beautiful, well-designed shaving tool that will last you a lifetime? Then check out Chris Kirchen and Karve Shave. He is crafting heirloom quality razors from his home base in Alberta, Canada.

Configure your Christopher Bradley razor from Karve with one of these open comb base plates. The open comb razor plate is made with stainless steel and combined with a handle and top plate will give you a lovely customized safety razor.

Pick from one of five different razor base plates with varying degrees of aggressiveness. B is the most forgiving geometry and they go up in aggression as you go. The ‚blade gap‚ refers to the space under the cutting edge (between the blade and the base plate). The exposure refers to how far the cutting edge sticks out. Together they can determine how ‚aggressive‚ the blade is - meaning how much of the blade is available to touch your face.

Keep in mind that each level denotes a specific blade geometry, not shaving performance.

The geometry of each plate is as follows:

  • B - gap = 0.73mm / exposure = zero
  • C - gap = 0.85mm / exposure = positive 0.09mm
  • D - gap = 0.98mm / exposure = positive 0.13mm
  • E - gap = 1.10mm / exposure = positive 0.17mm
  • F - gap = 1.23mm / exposure = positive 0.22mm

  • SKU: RZ-KAR-033
  • Type: Safety Razor Handles and Heads

Karve Shaving Co. Stainless Steel Open Comb Base Plate

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