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  • DE safety razor with handle length, OPEN COMB base plate, & stand
  • Stainless steel
  • Choose options from the drop down menu

Chris Kirchen is making waves in wet shaving circles with his elegant, meticulously designed, adjustable safety razor design. Karve Shaving Co out of Alberta, Canada is seeking to make an heirloom quality tool for your shave needs.

Dubbed the Christopher Bradley safety razor, this grooming requisite is high quality stainless steel. You choose the handle length, open comb base plate (which determines aggressiveness), and with/without a stand. The manufacturing is meticulously controlled so you get precise, consistent performance.

The beautiful guilloche technique on the handle is also noteworthy. This repeating pattern (often found in high end watch-making) is cut into the handle, not formed, so you get smooth, clean edges that provide plenty of friction in wet environments. Their pattern is named ‚Argyll‚, an homage to the well-known ‚Argyle‚ pattern and the main road ‚Argyll‚ near the shop.

The handle is available in 3", 3.25", 3.5", and 4" lengths to suit your style. All handles employ a #10-32 thread. Get an open comb base plate in B, C, D, E, F (least to most aggressive). And then choose stand or no stand.

The geometry of each plate is as follows:

  • B - gap = 0.73mm / exposure = zero
  • C - gap = 0.85mm / exposure = positive 0.09mm
  • D - gap = 0.98mm / exposure = positive 0.13mm
  • E - gap = 1.10mm / exposure = positive 0.17mm
  • F - gap = 1.23mm / exposure = positive 0.22mm

100% Made in Canada

  • SKU: RZ-KAR-121
  • Type: Safety Razor

Karve Shaving Co. Stainless Steel Safety Razor, Open Comb

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