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New Batch Of WCS Infinity Shaving Brushes Now Available!
New Batch Of WCS Infinity Shaving Brushes Now Available!

Karve Shaving Co., The Christopher Bradley DE Base Plate

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  • Karve closed comb base plate
  • Brass
  • Choose from Level B (mildest) to Level F (most aggressive)

This classic DE safety razor is a meticulously crafted tool. Brilliantly designed and executed it is winning the hearts of wet shavers the world over. Get your favorite base plate to craft the perfect shave.

The razor is designed to be customizable with 7 different blade plates which create a seemingly endless number of shaving combinations. Although we rate these plates by aggressiveness, it really doesn’t denote performance as much as geometry of the head. Level B is considered the mildest choice while Level F is most aggressive. 

  • B - gap = 0.73mm / exposure = zero
  • C - gap = 0.85mm / exposure = positive 0.09mm
  • D - gap = 0.98mm / exposure = positive 0.13mm
  • E - gap = 1.10mm / exposure = positive 0.17mm
  • F - gap = 1.23mm / exposure = positive 0.22mm

Many things impact the performance of the blade including blade gap (the space under the cutting edge), blade exposure (how far the cutting edge is sticking out), blade angle (the angle of the cutting edge relative to the razor), and blade support (how well the cutting edge is supported).

Made in Canada