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    • Guard plate for The Christopher Bradley razor
    • Solid brass
    • Medium-aggressive

     Chris Kirchen is the artisan behind Karve Shaving Co. Based out of Canada, he is producing exceptional brass safety razors that are catching the imagination of wet shavers around the world. These beautiful instruments are heirloom quality and provide an exceptional smooth shave.

    The Christopher Bradley razor employs interchangable guards to adjust its aggressiveness. So this plate fits the Karve razors and provides you with a medium leaning to aggressive blade gap. It is made of solid brass. It is beaded blasted for matte finish but left uncoated so a lovely, warm patina will form over time. 

    Adding this plate to your razor will allow you to tackle your grooming with a medium-aggressive shave. The level is clearly visible even when the razor is assembled so you can know which blade gap you are facing it you have multiple plates to meet all your shaving needs.

    Size: Level D Guard - blade gap 0.98mm

     Made in Canada

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