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    • A shaving soap from Krampert and Seifenglatt
    • Scented with Krampert's Finest Acadian Spice Bay Rum
    • Lathers easily right in the bowl


    It's here! It's finally here! Those Krampert's Finest Acadian Spice Bay Rum Aftershave fans are going crazy for the shaving soap. Brian Krampert uses his trade secrets to handcraft small batches of his amazing aftershaves. For this newest product, he teamed up with Seifenglatt, a Calfornia-based company, to bring you an exceptional shaving soap.

    If you love the aftershave, you will love the scent of this soap as well. The Krampert take on Bay rum has been described as buttery, clovey, and "good enough to eat" (ah. . . but don't!). Classic bay rum fans love it and even many haters have been swayed. This is the perfect compliment to the "finest" aftershave.

    The soap itself is quality. It lathers easily right in the bowl. Great even for newbies to the wet shaving gig. The tub is designed for lathering so it is not filled to the top. The tall sides ensure that there is room to load your brush. And the rich, creamy, luxurious lather is sufficient for a number of passes and a close, protective, moisturizing shave. And your skin stays conditioned even when you are done grooming.

    Join the ranks of fanatics who love Krampert's products.

    Size: 4 oz.

    Made in the USA