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    • Classic shaving set
    • Pick razor, brush, cream, and blade pack
    • Selected with women shavers in mind


    Hey, wet shaving ain't just for the testosterone inclined. All this gear is just a suited for legs & bikini lines as chins & cheeks. So, Ladies, it's time to create your own classic shaving tool kit. Check out the options we've complied to-build your own" set, that won't break the bank. Pick a razor, brush, cream, and blade pack.

    Pick One Safety Razor: We are passionate about seeing a return to classic shaving, which is more economical, effective, and enjoyable than many modern grooming practices. If you love wet shaving, tradition, and good workmanship, then check out these stainless steel safety razors to enhance your classic shaving game.

    • West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 77S, Stainless Steel, Closed Comb- The elegant handle is constructed with solid 303 stainless steel so it is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and gleaming. The curvaceous handle is ergonomic enough to provide grip in wet environments and sensuous enough to be eye-catching. The heads are zinc-alloy with chrome-plating. This razor comes with a closed comb head.
    • West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 78S, Stainless Steel, Closed Comb - This textured handle is constructed with solid 303 stainless steel so it is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and gleaming. This is a slender grooming requisite. The handle diameter isn't a large as some but it has extra length. The perfect tool for longer strokes- head shavers and woman shavers might really like this possibility. It has a nice knurling pattern for excellent grip in wet environments. The heads are zinc-alloy with chrome-plating. This razor comes with a closed comb head.

    Pick One Shaving Brush: We've loaded this brush with a unique, new fiber that is taking the shaving world by storm. One of the first to truly rival badger hair for comfort and performance, it is cruelty-free and lower cost than badger. The soft bristles have a fantastic face-feel and whip up an exceptional lather. And the man-made fibers are easy to care for and long-lasting.

    Pick One Shaving Cream:

    • West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Sweet Almond - These handmade hard soaps are loaded with a vegetable based formula. Coconut oil, vegan glycerin, and bentonite clay combined to produce a creamy, thick, rich lather. And they whip up quickly and easily so they are great for the wet shaving novice as well as the classic shaving expert. They provide phenomenal protection from the blade and a great moisturizing face feel. If you love the aroma of a marzipan confection, then you will love this offering. Sweet and strong, this traditional scent is good enough to eat (although we certainly don't recommend it).
    • West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Winter Spice - When the cold north winds begin to blow, the leaves show off their autumn colors, and the holiday decorations go up, it is time to break out a soap that matches the season. Try out our Winter Spice aroma. This soap might remind you of a steaming mug of apple cider - loaded with warm spices and overflowing with good will.
    • Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Avocado- This shaving cream features a great avocado scent that's less citrusy than a lemon and lime scent, but it still has that fresh kick that makes one almost reflexively think of springtime and, of course, cleanliness.

    Pick One Blade pack:

    • Lady's Choice Sample Pack - As more and more women discover the joys of wet shaving, more and more products are being designed with their specific needs in mind. So, too, with this sample pack of blades from West Coast Shaving. We have a bunch of female wet shavers on staff and here are some picks for the best blades for legs! (5 different brands)
    • DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything - This pack provides a convenient way to sample the most popular DE razor blades to find your favorite. It contains a pack of almost every blade we carry. (17 different brands and blades).

    Click on any of the below videos to start playing our Shaving101 videos about Safety Razors.

    Shaving with a Safety Razor

    Differences in Safety Razors

    5 Tips to Improve Your Shave

    The Benefits of Wet Shaving:

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