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    • Bath "bomb" from Level Naturals
    • Loaded with natural ingredients to scent and moisturizer
    • Scented with eucalyptus + lime


    If your shaving den is your sanctuary, if you find a zen-like zone in your bathroom, then take it a step further and make your tub a hot tub. While you might not ever step foot in a spa, you can get all the benefits with one of these bath bombs from Level Naturals. All-natural, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, products from Level Naturals take good care of you and good care of mama earth. Try Level Naturals Bath Bomb, Eucalyptus + Lime and bliss out!

    Drop one of these balls in hot water and kick back while the bubbles pop and the scent envelopes you. Loaded with essential oils and bontanical extracts, this magically will soften, soothe, and scent your skin, relaxing you and filling your senses.

    The eucalyptus + lime oils provide a stimulating and invigorating experience. The eucalyptus is a great mental stimulant and infection fighter, while the lime is a great citrus pick-me-up.

    Baths aren't just for babies! Enjoy a transcendent experience with Level Naturals Bath Bomb, Eucalyptus + Lime.

    Size: 6 pack

    Made in the USA

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