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    • Strong, all-day hold moustache wax
    • Made with beeswax, lanolin, pertrolatum
    • For the blonde/light haired moustache wearer

    If you're ready to rock the 'stache, but lack the hold that you need. Look to Lockhart's. This husband/wife team from Michigan makes some of the strongest wax around. Curvy handlebar, sinister Fu Manchu, unruly Yosemite Sam, make them all come to life with Lockhart's Heavy Duty Moustache Wax.

    This product provides serious all-day hold. No droopy curls when you are trying to rock a Dali. You don't even need to reapply and restyle. Just use the back of your fingernail along the surface to dig out a small amount. Rub it between your fingers until it is warm and pliable. Work through your 'stache evenly with fingers or comb. Work in a down and out direction. Add additional wax as needed to finish your style. In fact, if you keep this tin in your pocket, the warmth of your body will keep it the right consistency to take out and apply.

    Lockhart's Heavy Duty essential is white to blend nicely with blonde or light colored hair. Made with beeswax, lanolin, and pertrolatum, it is scented with a subtle vanilla aroma that is pleasing without being overpowering. Perfect for application close to your sniffer. It also comes in brown for those brunette gents.

    So, I moustache you a question. Are you ready run with the big dogs? Get Lockhart's and get strong.

    Size: 1 oz. tin, with slip on cover

    Made in the USA

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