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    • Traditional aftershave
    • Witch hazel & alcohol splash
    • Scented with 1776, an early access release for WCS

    Long Rifle Soap Company is an artisan soap company out of Wisconsin. They focus on natural soaps in small batches, using unrefined shea butter and local tallow. With natural pigments, exfoliants, and essential oils, you know you are getting wholesome products from the heartland of the USA.

    This all natural aftershave splash is the traditional burn-and-quench splash beloved by generations. Long Rifle describes it like it "first slaps you and then gives you a hug." You get the initial sting followed by the soothing finish of aloe.  

    We're excited to launch this new scent from Long Rifle Soaps. West Coast Shaving has first access to this 1776 aroma. With notes of cigar leaf, mahogany, and cedarwood it might evoke the hallowed halls of our founding fathers, their be-wigged heads bent over vital documents.

    Size: 4oz

    Made in the USA

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