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Long Rifle Soaps Sample Pack

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  • Sample pack of 8 soaps
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It's like our curation blog posts and our sample packs had a love child! And you get all the benefits. We've created a series of themed sample packs to scratch whatever wet shaving itch you've got. Have a favorite scent and want to explore all its nuances? We've got ya! Have some luxury brands you want to try but aren't ready to pull the trigger on a full tub? Worry no more!

This shaving soap company out of the American heartland, just might steal your heart. Natural soaps made in small batches with unrefined shea butter and local tallow are the life-blood of these grooming requisites.

  • Long Rifle Soap Co. Shaving Soap, 1776: We're excited to launch this new soap from Long Rifle Soaps. WCS has first access to this 1776 aroma. We're excited to launch this new scent from Long Rifle Soaps. West Coast Shaving has first access to this 1776 aroma. With notes of cigar leaf, mahogany, and cedarwood it might evoke the hallowed halls of our founding fathers, their be-wigged heads bent over vital documents.
  • Long Rifle Soap Co. Shaving Soap, Bay Rhum: This bay rum aroma takes the classic scent you love and take sit up a notch. It has the traditional spice but with an abundant hit of lime in the top note which makes it quite refreshing. Their shaving soap is an Italian cream style soap. It is perfect for lathering up a thick, protective top-tier foam. 
  • Long Rifle Soap Co. Shaving Soap, Brown Bess: The scent of this soap will evoke the hardworking, manly task of hunting on the wild frontier. The smoke from your pipe spirals lazily around your head as you lovingly polish your "brown bess" rifle. Notes of pipe smoke and leather. This aroma just says masculine frontiersman. 
  • Long Rifle Soap Co. Shaving Soap, Hawkeye: It provides abundant moisturizing, protection, and scent to make your shave a delight. Whether this soap is named for the Ruger Hawkeye firearm or the character in James Fenimore Cooper's Last of the Mohicans, it is a masculine, outdoorsy fragrance. Notes of lemongrass, bergamot, orange, cedarwood, & lavender will brighten your morning. 
  • Long Rifle Soap Co. Shaving Soap, Hunting Lodge: This one evokes the scent of the manly relaxation of a hunting lodge. After a hard day's tromp through the woods, adjourn to your cabin where you can shower, change, and light up a smoke. Notes of bay rum, leather, and tobacco fill your shaving den with this aroma. 
  • Long Rifle Soap Co. Shaving Soap, Roanoke: As Long Rifle says, "Get lost in the scent of Roanoke".  Enjoy a slice of history as you enjoy this natural blend of rosemary, lavender, and bergamot. A little zesty, a little spicy, a little floral. Get it all in this scent. 
  • Long Rifle Soap Co. Shaving Soap, Thick As Thieves: A lovely aroma that Long Rifle says "will steal your heart". In shaving soapdom, you can't go wrong with a bunch of botanicals and spice with a hint of citrus. In fact, you might say these elements are "as thick as thieves". Hence this lovely aroma that Long Rifle says "will steal your heart". 
  • Long Rifle Soap Co. Shaving Soap, Voyageur: Whatever adventures await, start your day right with this masculine aroma of Voyageur. Notes of oakmoss, sandalwood, and patchouli will have you feeling ready to conquer anything that comes your way - even if you never get to leave your cubicle. 

 Size: 1/2 tablespoon of each (enough for approximately 4 shaves)

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