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    • A head-to-toe moisturizing oil
    • Use on hair, face, hand and feet
    • Sustainably sourced from a women's cooperative in Morocco

    "Liquid gold", "miracle oil", "turns back time". If all of this seems too good to be true, take a minute to check out Argan oil. Its surge in popularity is astounding and so are the results. Lucia Bay, a leader in the healthy and beauty industry, has recently launched their line of 100% Organic Argan oil products.

    Why the buzz? Argan oil is chock full of moisturizing and skin-nourishing ingredients. Sustainably sourced, this rich, gold-colored oil is harvested by hand from the nut of the Argan tree in rural Morocco. (In fact, in Morocco, this oil has culinary uses as well - literally a head-to-toe, inside/out oil).

    • Antioxidants - fight free radicals to slow the signing of aging
    • Vitamin E - absorbs easily to help skin retain moisture, assists in cell regeneration to reduce aging skins, helps the healing process
    • Lipids and fatty acids - help maintain moisture in the skin and protect against bacteria
    • Paraben, sulfate, and toxin-free - and Lucia Bay products are never tested on animals.

    What should I use it on? The Lucia Bay Organic Argan is blended with essential oils to give you a pleasant scent to use throughout your grooming routine. This bottle also comes with a pump so you can dispense exactly what you need, exactly where you want.

    • face- use on fine lines and wrinkles to moisturize, as a pre or post shave oil, or even a beard tamer
    • hands and feet - add hydration to dry fingers and toes and rub into cuticles
    • hair - a few drops smoothed through your hair promotes a healthy shine, controls frizz, and moisturizes your scalp.

    It might not be the fountain of youth, but it is a close second. Lucia Bay Argan Oil with Essential Oils.

    Size: 60ml

    Sourced from Morocco, bottled in the USA.

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