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    • Give control with medium hold for short hair
    • Functional wax with a matte look
    • Petroleum based

    There are many, many products for individuals with long hair but not so for those with a crew cut or buzzed haircut. The options are really quite slim and often include harsh heavy gels that can get crusty and may even hurt. However, people who like to stay trim above their shoulders have relied on Lucky Tiger Cru Butch & Control Wax for generations.

    Lucky Tiger has a special place in the hearts of many people who prefer to keep their hair short. You can search online for the most popular options for likeminded individuals and there is really no comparison which one has the strongest track record. Military members especially rave about this and barbers have had it nearby their stations since it first hit the market.

    And while it may seem one-sided on the surface, this wax is more than just a one hit wonder. Many people turn to it to put a cow lick back in place regardless of the length of their hair, and it can pull double duty on mustaches, sideburns, and beards also. If you have an old school look and need a similar vintage product to fit your needs, this is the one for you.

    Size: 3.5 oz (99g)

    Made in the USA.

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