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    Do you wonder how hipsters get such great looking mustaches? If you ask someone with a nice handle bar, Fu Manchu, or otherwise impressive 'stache, quite a few will have relied on Lucky Tiger Mustache Wax to receive their desired results.

    Of course, such a product does more than help you groom your upper lip. It can aid in sculpting sideburns and eyebrows into the perfectly manicured state, as well as help you shape an unruly beard.

    This wax is part of the trusted Lucky Tiger Barbershop Classics line because it has been tested to work for the 'true connoisseur' over a span of many decades. You can almost imagine the different forms of facial hair that have relied on such a product through the early days of the brand in the 1930s to the especially hairy '60s and '70s and now to today's trendsetters.

    Today you can get this polish in a handy little tin that allows you to take it with you. Throw it in your pocket and style your 'stache on the go. It is white in the tin but goes on clear with a neutral smell and will stay in place until you want to take it off with soap and water.

    Size: 1.7 oz

    Made in the USA

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