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    American gentlemen have come a long way in their desire for great looking and healthy skin. For many years, most men relied on simple bar soap and water from the sink or shower for all their daily skin needs. Now however, there are a wide range of products designed to sooth, comfort, and protect flesh, especially on the face.

    At Lucky Tiger, this is nothing new. The company has been based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1935 and has developed many different skin care products for men for just as long. Face wash, shaving cream, liquid aftershave, and many additional items have been developed and manufactured specifically for men. But for a long time, one part of the face was often overlooked.

    For that reason, guys can now find Lucky Tiger Organic Lip Balm to protect lips from the harshness of cold, hot, windy, or dry weather. It goes on easily to soften lips and promote healing from cracking and chapping. It also fits conveniently into any sized pocket. In fact, this natural peppermint item has been so successful and provides such a crisp and cooling sensation that many women prefer it as well.

    Size: 0.15 oz (4.25g)

    Made in the USA.

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