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    • Handcrafted Straight Razor
    • 8/8" Steel, French/round point
    • Water Buffalo horn scales

    In 2009, Mike Martinez began making blades as he acclimated to life outside the military. He spent years honing his craft as he learned metallurgy, blade geometry, and design. Now, Mike offers exceptional razors, handcrafted from start to finish, in his shop in Texas.  

    This Gent blade is full hollow grind, French/round point blade in Vintage Sheffield Steel. This steel hones to a fine edge with good retention. Be sure to maintain your blade by drying it after use.

    The hand sculpted scales are in water buffalo horn with Jade G10 wedge, nickel silver pins, stainless washers and collars. Treat yourself to the best in blade making. Treat yourself to Martinez Blades.

    Made in the USA


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