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    Marvis has expertly blended the tastes of jasmine and mint in this product, making it a great tasting option for oral hygiene. A little bit of this product can really provide a lot of performance, so the 3.86-ounce tube will last you a long time. Once you get used to it, you will not want to go back to the barely tolerable tasting store brands, and you'll get used to your morning routine being something that you really look forward to.

    There are many high quality options that you can take instead of what you may have been using for some of these very fundamental tasks. For example, in addition to Marvis Jasmine Mint Toothpaste, you can pick up a mouthwash that is also made to very high standards. These are the types of products that make your mouth tingle and feel alive, not burn and make you wonder if you actually just drank your aftershave. Get a good toothbrush, get some good paste to go along with it, and you will never have a problem remembering to spend two minutes in the morning and the evening taking care of your teeth.

    Size: 3.86 oz/75 ml

    Made in Italy.

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