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    Marvis Toothpaste, Amarelli Licorice is a classy, great tasting toothpaste that comes in a rather gothy looking tube. The black and silver color scheme is something the product lives up to however, being a bit out of the mainstream but very high quality. All of the flavors from this manufacturer are based on mint. This one adds some licorice to it, making it one of Marvis's most distinctive offerings. It also happens to do an impressive job getting your smile looking its best, so this is a serious product not just a luxury version of toothpaste.

    You'll likely never want to go back to the regular stuff you find at the grocery store after you try this. That's fine, as the 3.86 ounces in this tube will last you a long time. This doesn't require that you squeeze out an inch to get any foam out of it. It's good stuff, made to provide a luxurious experience doing one of the most routine things imaginable. Of course, even though brushing might be routine, it's important, so there's good reasons to consider why products like these should have a place on your bathroom shelves. Get some quality a toothbrush while you're at it. You won't be sorry.

    Size: 3.86 oz./75 ml

    Made in Italy.

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