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    This comes from Italy and offers you an excellent tasting way to start off your morning. Marvis Whitening Toothpaste has an intense, but never sharp or harsh, mint taste that this company is renowned for. It feels fresh, makes your mouth tingle and is great all around. You'll love it if you're used to the fairly awful tasting stuff you pick up at drugstores. It's got excellent whitening qualities to it, so it's a good choice if you're a coffee drinker, a tea drinker, or if your teeth just tend to be discolored, even if you keep them nice and clean, which we hope you do!

    Upgrading your grooming supplies, even though it's usually about razors and brushes and such, should really entail fundamental items like these. You can also get great mouthwashes that are made out of quality ingredients and that don't taste nasty like the usual brands tend to do. You'll be glad you made the switch when you get used to them. As for this, it comes in what might seem like a small tube, but you need very little to brush up. It will last for a long time. You'll love what it does for your oral hygiene.

    Size: 3.86 oz./75 ml

    Made in Italy.

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