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    men-u Healthy Face Wash comes in a 3.3oz bottle that packs a product you're sure to love. If you have trouble with trauma after you shave, this wash can help you to calm your skin down, get rid of dirt and oil while, at the same time, providing protection. That protection helps you to avoid razor burn, bumps, blemishes, and other problems. This can really make it a lot more enjoyable to groom, as you won't be wondering if you look worse after you're done rather than better!

    The bottle might look small, but it can provide as many as 265 washes. This formula is concentrated, so there's more than appears in the container. It's a great option for guys who want to keep themselves looking their best and who are oftentimes foiled in that effort by a face that's just a bit too sensitive for the blade.

    People with sensitivity issues oftentimes react much more harshly to products all over their bodies, not just on their facial area. If you have such troubles, consider switching to high-end shampoos and other products, as they often are far more gentle on your body, no matter where they're designed to be used.

    Size: 3.3 oz/100 ml

    Made in the UK.

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