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    The men-u Matt Moisturizer comes in a 3.3oz bottle that holds a lot of product. You can get around 120 applications out of a single bottle of this moisturizer. It doesn't have any fragrance, so whether you're sensitive to aromas or you just prefer to go without them, this should appeal to you.

    The formula has sebum absorbers mixed in with it. It absorbs into the skin very quickly, allowing you to get a great moisturizing treatment without clogging up your pores and causing skin issues. The formula is very light as well, so it feels smooth going on and doesn't leave you feeling greasy after you've put it on. The finish is matte, so you also don't have to worry about your face appearing shiny.

    The men-u Matt Moisturizer works very well for guys with sensitive skin. If you want to treat your face to even more healthy treatments, you might want to consider using a shaving balm. These have a thicker consistency than most shaving products and go a long way toward making it much more comfortable to groom. Of course, not having the nicks and cuts that some men tend to suffer more than others is another great benefit.

    Size: 3.3 oz/100 ml

    Made in the UK.

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