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    This .5 oz tube of men-u Mini Shaving Cream can provide you with 20 luxurious shaves. This is a particularly good option for men who have sensitive skin, as this brand and this particular product are both renowned for the amount of lubrication they provide. That lubricating quality ensures that the blade goes over your face as smoothly as possible, taking the follicles with it and not taking chunks of skin in the process. If you've learned to dread your morning grooming ritual, products such as this one can go a long way toward making enjoyable again.

    The small size of this tube makes it ideal for traveling. However, you will likely find that you want to use this product at home as well. It provides a very slick layer of protection between you and your razor without a great deal of foam such as a soap would make. It also contains moisturizers, which can help keep you from drying out after you tackle your beard. There are plenty of other cream products out there; and because they are generally inexpensive, it's a good idea to experiment so that you can figure out exactly which one really helps your face the most.

    Size: 0.5fl oz/15 ml

    Made in the UK.

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