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    If there are two things that really set the stage for a great shave, they must be a high quality razor and some bristles. The men-u Premium Synthetic Shave Brush is the latter, Italian made, and ready to give you lather like you won't believe. If you're an animal lover and don't want to use anything made from their hair, this is a good choice in products. Some people using hair versions may actually prefer this synthetic style, as it's more hygienic and holds up for a very long time.

    Using a brush reduces the amount of product that you need to get a good coating of lubrication on your face. They save money in that regard, and they save your skin, as well! Thicker soap or cream means that you have less of a chance of giving yourself a nasty razor burn and that certainly makes grooming a lot more enjoyable!

    If you really want to go the traditional route where your blades are concerned, consider any of our fine products that offer the most authentic grooming experience imaginable. With any type of shaving implement however, this offering from men-u will make things easier and less abrasive.

    Includes men-u Shave Cream sample.

    Total Height:107mm
    Loft: 59mm
    Knot Diameter: 25mm
    Hair: Synthetic

    Shaving Cream Size: 15 ml/0.5fl oz

    Made in the UK.

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