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    • TSA approved for carry on luggage
    • Ultra concentrated - up to 165 shaves
    • For all skin types

    Do you have abrasions, nicks, and cuts to deal with every time you get ready in the morning? men-u Shave Cream in the 3.3oz bottle might be just the thing to help you get rid of those annoying issues. This cream provides a very thick lather that lasts throughout your shave. The 3.3 oz bottle might look modest, but it packs up to 165 shaves into it. That's enough to last most men around 6 months.

    If you're tired of your razor doing more harm than good, remember that issues with getting your whiskers under control oftentimes stem from poor quality products. With this on your bathroom shelf, you'll be using a very high-end grooming supply that's designed to help those who have trouble getting a close cut without going far too close for comfort.

    This excellent cream from men-u has been featured all over the press and has won many awards from places such as Men's Health, Salon and FHM.

    Works with or without a brush. Vegan ingredients and never tested on animals.

    Pair this great wet shaving product with a good razor, like Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, Extra Long Handle, Ivory or any of our other fine suppliers may make it much more comfortable for you to wake up, clean your face up, and head out the door, without all those little pieces of paper stuck to your face.

    Size: 3.3 oz/100 ml

    Made in the UK.

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