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    • Open-tooth safety razor for wiry beards
    • Takes all double edge blades
    • 3 inch non-slip knurled handle

    This is the open comb version of the Merkur 15C Classic Safety Razor, a chrome finished 3-piece double edge razor. The safety bar has open teeth, which is traditionally thought to help those with wiry or very thick beards. However, those wet shavers looking for a more aggressive option (compared to the 23C) might also be interested in this.

    The comfortable handle is approximately 3" long and is designed with a non-slip grip. It's one of the thinner handles you'll find, but don't fear, it's still easy to hold. The lighter handle means the weight is head heavy, which is want you want as the head should be doing all the shaving work. Don't press down or into your face like you are used to, gradually reduce your beard with a few passes and you'll have a smooth face like you've never had before.

    The head of the razor twists off to allow blade changes like the old classic shavers from Gillette. Well sell a wide assortment of blades so you'll be sure to find one that works well for you.

    Merkur is one of the oldest makers of wet shaving supplies today, bringing us a mix of traditional design and German engineering and manufacturing.

    Handle length: 3 inches

    Made in Germany

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