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Merkur 38C HD Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor

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  • Traditional safety razor
  • Heavy-duty, 2-piece razor with chrome-plated finish
  • Long handle for masculine hands

Merkur. You've probably seen it at the top of best seller lists in blogs, forums, and vendors all over the interweb. Well, yep! They are some of our top selling razors, too. They've been doing it longer and better than most. So with a history like that, why wouldn't you check out the Merkur Heavy Duty Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor.

Over 100 years of blade manufacturing and expertise go into production of these grooming essentials. The Merkur Heavy Duty Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor is chrome-finished for corrosion resistance and the requisite gleam. It is a 2-piece double edge razor. This means that the top plate of the head unscrews from the handle and base plate, the blade can be changed out, and the long screw is re-inserted into the handle. It also is closed comb/straight bar so your skin feels less of the blade exposure. And it takes any standard DE blade.

The comfortable handle is designed with a non-slip grip so you can use it in wet environments (Good thing, eh?). Longer and heavier than the 34C, it weighs over 4 oz. The striped texture also evokes images of the iconic striped barber pole that would have hearlded a generation of gentleman to enjoy the very ritual that you do.

Length: 4 inches

Weight : 113 grams

Made in Germany

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First Time DE Shaving

I decided to start DE shaving due to razor burn and irritation. I went with a long handle razor to mimic the cartridge handles for an easy transition and the weight is nice, does the cutting for you. If you are a first timer worrying about transitioning I would recommend this razor. It has been great to me so far.

wayne m.
  • Value for Money

Shave Happy

The Merkur 38C is everything I hoped for; beautiful. well balanced, and delivers a great shave. After trying other razors at a similar price point and finding they did not make the grade and were poorly constructed, I took the recommendation of my son who has been using the same Merkur for 10 years with out a glitch. Now I shave happy.

Larry T.
  • Value for Money

Great Shave

I've recently returned to DE shaving (no more $40 Gillette cartridges) and decided to try the Merkur 38C. After about a month of use, I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the razor and the great shave it provides. To me, it's not overly aggressive but still gives a clean, smooth shave with minimal effort (I use Feather blades, and shave WTG, ATG and then a clean-up for random whiskers). The handle length is great as is the weight. I have two minor issues with the razor: I find the barber pole handle allows the razor to twist in my hand at times (I shave in the shower so my hands are wetter than most) and would much prefer a diamond pattern on the handle or something a bit grippier. Secondly, the bottom outside corners of the razor base plate seem to be pointier than they really need to be. There are times I feel that I've cut myself only to discover that it's just the pointy edge of the razor base. Other than that, I've had no issues with fit or finish of the razor. I consistently get a very clean, very, very close shave and couldn't be happier with my purchase. As a note, I ordered this razor and a sampler pack of blades on a Monday and was shaving with it by Thursday. Great job with the shipping, WCS. Their customer service was a tremendous help, too, in selecting a razor and a sampler pack of blades.

Thomas K.
  • Value for Money

Staff was very professional and

Staff was very professional and helpful. product was great and arrived in a timely manner.

Jackie T.
  • Value for Money

Super Value

The weight and length of the handle make the Merkur 38C a pleasure to use. Due to the weight of the razor, little to no pressure is required on your skin to get a great shave. Although the price is higher than others, the quality and weight make this a razor you will use for many years.