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    • hand blended pre-shave oil
    • loaded with moisturizing oils
    • scented with a calming blend of lavender and tea tree essentail oils

    "Handmade in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies", Midnight & Two Pre-Shave Oil, Provence is just what you need for a barbershop quality shave in your own home. Not content with a "typical" formula, Midnight & Two has gone above and beyond to source rare, exotic, but (most importantly) purposeful ingredients to make their recipes stand out. You will love this all-natural, essential oil scented, grooming requisite.

    This pre-shave oil contains nutrient rich oils that offer a light face-feel. They moisturize the skin to make it more flexible and soften your stubble for a close, comfortable shave. It is loaded with hemp seed, jojoba, grape seed, coconut, & avocado oils to moisturize & rosemary leaf extract as a natural preservative. Just massage a few drops of this oil onto your dry or slightly damp skin and allow it to absorb for a few minutes. Then apply your lather and shave as usual. A little goes a long way and this bottle should last up to 6 months of great shaves.

    This oil is scented with an essential oil blend of lavender and tea tree. Like walking through the fields of France and catching a whiff of this purple bloom, it has a calming, soothing aroma that is fresh and floral.

    Size: 30ml/1fl.oz.

    Made in Canada

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